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WSCAOS is a tiny little system for going to space no matter where you are! 

  1. Print out the little pages and paste them in the front of a Moleskine, or onto 3x5 index cards.
  2. Add a couple of dice! (The six-sided ones, please! I've never seen a d20 in space, have you?)
  3. Oh, don't forget your pencil!
  4. You're good to go!

If you like this, please go check out Sword & Backpack! It was a huge inspiration!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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What's So Cool About Outer Space v1.pdf 140 kB


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WSCAOS is a simple game that is a delight to play. It cuts through the glut of rules that most sci-fi TTRPGs claim you need and gets right to answering the question in its title. (The answer is: what you do in outer space is what's so cool about it!) And if you need more rules, the game is up-front about giving you enthusiastic permission to make them.

It is also eminently hackable as What Is So Cool About Jam demonstrates. Anyone with a cool idea can make a game about it.


2d6+mods >= 8 is the Traveller rules summary the world has always needed.



Sword&Backpack, still so, so, so good!


Jared. My friend. You have good graphic design. I feel forcibly hurled into a sci-fi future as seen in mid-80s magazine.