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I'm going to get out in front of this: I think, as a submission to the Libre Baskerville Jam, this game is likely a failure. At least partially, and to a larger degree than I'd hoped. I'm fine with that, I just wanted to acknowledge it from the top. Maybe once it's settled a bit, and I've got a little more perspective on it, I'll write up some kind of postmortem. 

This is a two-player story game in which one player is a poet and the other is a radio. They take turns performing their tasks, and eventually the game is over. It has something to do with art, but I'm not prepared to attempt unpacking that at the moment. I am honestly exhausted by this one, so I'm just going to put it in front of you and hope you like it at least a little.

*Special thanks to the kind folks who participated in my twitter polls during the creation of this. You were a big help, and any success that might be present here is due to you, believe it or not. 


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The Trouble With Comparing A Poet With A Radio.pdf 27 kB
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sounds pretty fun, i need to genuinely try before commentin anything else


Spews forth pretentious praise in tortured academicese for this.