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Prismot is a 9 page Troika supplement that sets up a sort of cyberpunk/florida gothic/hotline miami vibe for the setting.

If you already like Troika and you'd like a more modern sheen on its weirdness (or if you want to run Troika as sort of a suburban 1990s Shadowrun,) I think you'll dig this.

If you haven't checked out Troika, probably read that first. Prismot has a really cool feel, but I'm not sure it's decipherable without a skim through the core system.

Minor Issues:

-The text in Flamingo Man's entry is nearly unreadable. The text color stands out fine against the background, but it's hard to read the individual words. Highlighting would help.



This is so good.

So good I keep thinking it is much longer than it is. It's like concentrated vaporwave.


Issue 2 out sometime!


I was just thinking about how I thought I had hallucinated the possibility of Issue 2.


It physically hurts to look at. Thank you.


It is giving me a headache. I love it.