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In the black of space, things always seem so quiet...

Now with beautiful art by Jacob Hindman.

Empty Sector is a setting for Troika! detailing thirty-six new backgrounds, with advanced spells, items, weapons, and skills to accompany them. It's a grand amalgam of everything good about science fiction media: from hard sci-fi to space opera to body horror and everything in between.

Now available IN PRINT!

Written by Jared Sinclair and Matthew Kay. 


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Empty Sector 1.2, 144dpi 2 MB
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So it is not possible to print this with Booklet printing? Or is it? Thx ahead of time.

It's set up in spreads, not sure how that interacts with booklet printing. It's actually available in print at spearwitch.com, if that helps at all.

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I'm aware.


are you gonna give me space rules for being in space with space ships?

Because I need that like I need a nemesis.


I like the layout. Content so far looks interesting. Will you be adding info about locations? Any maps or adventure seeds? Maybe a one-shot?


Maybe! The factions definitely imply plenty of setting material (as do the backgrounds) as they stand, but there's a strong possibility of an adventure and/or list of hooks.