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NOTICE: This is available as a Very Real Physical Zine On Actual Paper. See the "Rewards" section below. I'm begging you, please buy the zine I worked so hard on it.

Supernatural mystery backgrounds for Troika! based on your favorite 1990s television show set in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring:

  • 18 original backgrounds based on the first two seasons of the best television show ever made, 
  • 8 new advanced skills, 
  • 3 new spells, 
  • 2 new items, 
  • terrible layout, 
  • no graphic design at all, 
  • "art."

Run just these 18 for full consistency, or combine it with any other 18 backgrounds of your choice (perhaps even future zines by me?) for an INTENSE CROSSOVER EXPERIENCE.


Download Now
On Sale!
100% Off
$5.00 $0.00 USD or more

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The Darkness of Future Past.pdf 6 MB

Physical Zine

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Physical Zine (US)

This is a physical book, written laid out by me all by myself, and printed by an honest-to-god printing company. Shipping (of the slowest, cheapest variety possible) is included to the United States; no, I won't expedite it.

Once you purchase, I'll send you an email and request your shipping info. :)

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