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That's right, with the end of Anti-Sisyphus (long live Anti-Gorgias), we've decided to put them all in one book. The issues are presented simply and honestly—no editing, no funny business, just jostled into form as lazily as possible.

The only new content in this volume is a short and not very interesting editorial, so you're not tempted.

Not sure about Anti-Sisyphus?

I've attached the first two issues as a small preview. There are seven others included here. I don't recommend buying it!

An amazing person made an amazing video essay about Anti-Sisyphus. Check it out here. 



Don't take my word for it:


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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​If you’re the kind of person who spends time designing games, then anti-sysyphus is essential and amusing and partly self-indulgent and completely spiritually refreshing. If you’re not, then probably none of those things will be true.


I would love to say that this is nonsense, but rather I will say that it is rather refreshing.

The video Batts made is phenomenal, and was the main reason I bought it.

My thoughts are hard to put into words, I must say. Let's say that it presents a different way of thinking about what game design is. Something fundamentally opposed to how I do it, and even more fundamentally opposed to how most do it.

I like it.