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Have you ever read someone's writing and instantly realized that they are far smarter than you, and that is a good thing? Jared's essay A Quick Primer In Goblin Cosmology For Non-Goblins did that to me right away. This is the most intricately wild bit of academic fiction that I have ever seen. I don't want to spoil it for you, but the essay gets into the mathematics, numerology, and religious symbolism of a goblin society. It's inspired by the thoughts of Epidiah Ravachol, so you know it is good.


I still don't understand this. Which is probably proper regardless of whether I am or aren't a goblin.


OHOH!!!! I See the kabbalah references. I, too, like goblins, work best in 3s. 


"3. Ask a question of the universe. Be sure to use a voice suitable for conversing with the universe: expansive, important, confident." MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH. I kinda like prompting authoritative voices when stepping into divinatory or higher-order states in- or out of games. Oh i like this so much. You're making me want to do this for i-ching